8 de janeiro de 2013

Long lasting marks

Finalmente corrigida, coloco agora uma "short story" que tive que escrever para Inglês III.
Espero que gostem...

After sixteen years of a hard reality, which started when I was nine and lasted about one year, a reality that is very common to children these days, I am here today to let you know all the harm that has been done to me. It was many years ago, but in my head it feels like it was just yesterday.

My name is Emma Brown and I was kidnapped, sexually abused and spanked many times.

It all began when I went to the supermarket with my mother. When we stopped so my mother could put some carrots on a plastic bag, I got excited when I saw two clowns blowing some balloons and giving them to children.

- Look, mommy, look! Clowns giving balloons! – I yelled with a big smile on my face – I want one!

My mother did not hear me, because while she was shopping, she was also talking on the phone with someone, so she began to walk away, but I was so excited, because of the clowns, that I stayed there, clapping. When I looked around I was alone, with a lot of big people walking from one side to the other. I felt lost, until an old, seventy-year-old man pulled my arm and said:

- So, you like clowns? Let me show you another one, and after that I will take you to your mother.

I went with him to the outside of the supermarket and he told me to enter his car, because the clowns weren’t right there. I felt it was strange, but at the same time I thought that an old man like him would not do me anything.

But I was wrong.

He covered my mouth and nose with a tissue, I felt sleepy and after that, I can’t remember anything. I only remember waking up in a basement, with a lot of pain in between my legs, with parts of my clothes ripped and a lot of blood on the floor. I got scared and I stared to scream for my mother while crying.

Suddenly, I saw a light and it was the man that promised me that we were going to see clowns, with a glass of water and a piece of bread with mold.

- Eat – he said – I do not want you to get weak so quickly! I kept crying and screaming for my mother so he decided to put the bread on my mouth and force me to eat it, so I spit the bread on his face.  He took off his belt and started hitting me with it. It was such a painful moment that to this day I still bear the marks it left on me.

Beyond the sexual abuse, the mistreatments and the fear, the man forced me to clean his house, and if I missed a spot, he did not let me have dinner.

A year after my kidnapping, I was felling more and more weak and one day, the old man grabbed me while I was cleaning the floor and said he didn’t need me anymore, because I was starting to become weak, and I’d be dead in a weak. He told me that he needed fresh meat and after that he pushed me. I faked a faint and I waited for him to go away. His «hunger» was so big that he went out and forgot not only the keys to his house, but also his ID card. On my knees, I looked through the window, and saw nobody, so I grabbed everything he forgot and ran away through the forest, where I found a middle aged man that help me, by leading me to an hospital, where I was examined and was only handled by women.

After a peaceful night at the hospital, it was nine AM when a policewoman came to me, to get some information about who I was and what had happened. I gave her the ID card I had on my pocket and she said that the Police had been after the man for a long time. Fearless, I said some words that lead her to some conclusions. At six PM, I saw a woman running to me. It was my mother, and she was crying, because she was hugging me again. I hugged her so much, and I did not want to let her leave, because despite all the suffering I went through, being on my mother’s arms again was my only desire. But to top it all off, my mother received a call from the policewoman, saying that they caught the rapist, and the other girl that he kidnapped was alright and was going to be hospitalized on the same hospital I was.

Today, I am twenty five years old and I am here to tell you my story, so you know not be misguided by anyone that tries to persuade you with something you like, and if someday you get lost, run to a security guard, because he will know how to help you.

It took a long time for me to trust a man again, but that’s in the past, because my best friend Michael helped me a lot and nowadays we are engaged, and I am no longer embarrassed to see myself in the mirror, with all the marks that I have, because Michael loves me, not for my appearance, but for me. And besides this terrible memory, I am now happy, because Michael treats me better than anyone.

Obrigada Ruth Pacheco pela tua foto e pela sua edição. Obrigada também pela ajuda na escolha de um tema.